Leader3 Online Leadership Training Course

The essential leadership training program for leaders and aspiring leaders

Leader3 is an online leadership training course for anyone seeking to become an exceptional leader and advance their career. Our program provides you with the core leadership skills you really need and can actually use, whether you're a senior executive, manager, junior professional or student.

Sign up to our online leadership training program in less than 2 minutes for instant unlimited access for 6 months.

When you sign up to Leader3, you receive immediate access to four modules of online leadership training. These modules focus on the four essential skills you need to become an effective leader:  

Effective Communication 

Managing Yourself

Managing Your Manager

Managing Others 





Our online leadership training course
 will help you to develop effective leadership skills, improve your performance and professional credibility and expand your career opportunities. You will also show employees and potential employees that you are proactive, committed and motivated towards your personal and professional development.

Why choose the Leader3 online leadership training program 

  • Relevant & practical - we eliminiate the unneccessary theory and give you the content & tools you can actually use in the workplace on a daily basis 
  • Cost effective - eliminate costs associated with traditional training (travel, accommodation, consultants etc.) 
  • Self-directed - focus on content and tools appropriate to your individual interests, needs and skill level
  • Personalised - interactive online exercises that relate directly to you

Individual benefits of Leader3

  • Develop exceptional leadership & communication skills
  • Improve your performance & achieve greater results
  • Improve your relationships with your peers, managers, employees & clients
  • Improve your morale & satisfaction in the workplace
  • Gain personal & professional credibility
  • Demonstrate initiative & commitment
  • Earn promotions & expand your career opportunities  

 Company benefits of Leader3

  • Enable employees to improve their performance & results 
  • Track progress of employees through an Admin Account
  • Eliminate travel & other costs associated with traditional training
  • Improve productivity & reduce employee turnover
  • Improve workplace communication & morale
  • Overcome scheduling conflicts and geographical boundaries
  • Deliver a consistent message/philosophy to all your employees

Read more about our online leadership training course or sign up online today for instant unlimited access to the program for 6 months.

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